Brain Exercises to Improve Memory

People exercise for various reasons. These reasons commonly include losing weight, preventing depression, looking better, lowering blood pressure, strengthening bones and becoming more flexible among others. However, most people don’t realize memory can also be improved through exercise.

For starters, there are several exercises in the traditional sense which can help out your brain:

Aerobic and Resistance Training

These two types of training have been proven capable of boosting your memory. In turn, this will help you recall different things better and faster.


Concentration and focus are two important aspects of Yoga, and practicing it can help your brain further develop them.

Leisure Walks

People can often get some of their best ideas when moving around. Simply going for a long walk can help you become more creative in solving whatever you may be facing.

There is also a whole other category of more targeted exercises which can help better the mind. But, before getting into details, it is important to understand a few things about the brain.

The brain is the most complex organ in the body. It is not just unique but also extremely powerful. It handles multiple functions ranging from judging to manipulation and thinking. The brain processes a lot of information on a daily basis and lets individuals learn new things. It is therefore important to ensure your brain is well maintained to help remember things in the future.

Any person may experience extraordinary moments when they see, smell or hear something that reminds them of a particular past event. People recalling memories tend to be overwhelmed by certain events before they slowly evaporate and a person comes back to reality.

Memory can be enhanced, organized and managed by exercising our brains. Just as physical workouts helps our bodies to tone up and maintain its muscles, certain exercises also improve the brain’s memory.

There are two main categories of brain training:


These forms of exercises are used to optimize a person’s memory power. There are a couple of activities that anyone can engage in to improve their memory building capacity. These activities have a sort of connection to the brain. Regularly performing them has been associated with improvement in memory speed and quality.

There are also several simple everyday activities which can help improve the brain’s memory functionality:

Trying to Shop Without a List

Memories fade because we don’t challenge ourselves. Most of the time, we let our brains relax and coast. Try going to shop without your shopping list. This technique challenges your mind to remember everything you need. You can break down your needs into various categories to make it easier for you to remember.

Improving Your Vocabulary

Challenge yourself to learn a new word on a daily basis. This method will help improve your memory as you will constantly be trying to recall the new words and their meaning.

Engaging Yourself in New Activities

Most people have a habit of engaging in the same activities over and over. You need to find something new in which to commit yourself. It’s irrelevant how hard or easy that something is. All that matters is you change your routine. This will challenge your brain to remain focused as it tries to figure out the next move.

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