Alternatives to Buying Modafinil Online

Alternatives to Buying Modafinil Online

Modafinil is a drug (or more precisely a stimulant) which can be used to manage drowsiness and sleepiness. It is often used in the treatment of narcolepsy. And, because of it’s pronounced effects, it is also a popular product in the world of smart drugs.

The biggest modafinil stumbling block for most is it is illegal to purchase without a prescription. And even if you have one, the price can be exorbitant (though getting it online will significantly lower your cost). As a result, many people seek alternatives. If you fall into that category, below are three options which are worth considering.

Popular Alternatives to Modafinil

  1. Adrafinil

    The nootropic adrafinil is an excellent alternative to modafinil. It is entirely legal to purchase in the United States and does not require a prescription. It’s a prodrug to modafinil, and therefore its effects are nearly identical. It can help with concentration, memory, alertness levels, and even physical performance.

    The most significant disadvantage of this nootropic is that it can be harmful to the liver when used extensively for long periods of time. It’s a supplement that needs to be cycled and used responsibly. To help alleviate this potential side-effect, you may want to provide your liver with reinforcements and stack adrafinil with a supplement like milk thistle.

  2. Sulbutiamine

    Sulbutiamine is a synthetic version of Vitamin B1. This supplement is capable of providing many of the same benefits as modafinil and can be purchased legally online in the United States. Sulbutiamine easily crosses the blood-brain barrier and is capable of helping improve memory and reduce fatigue, effects which are similar to modafinil.

  3. Phenylpiracetam

    This is another very useful nootropic which can be taken as a substitute for modafinil. In fact, it may actually be the best prescription-free option for a modafinil alternative.

    Phenylpiracetam is not only an effective stimulant but also proven to improve cognitive function when taken over an extended period. Its ability to increase mental and physical performance is what makes it such a great option. On top of it, phenylpiracetam is 60 times stronger than the nootropic brethren piracetam and can even provide anti-anxiety effects and mood improvement.

There are many other alternatives to consider if you prefer to stay clear of buying modafinil. That said, the three listed above are, in my opinion, the best of the bunch and can all be obtained inexpensively and prescription free.

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