Brain Health Strategies TEDx Talk

This is a talk that was given at a TEDx event a few years ago (in 2014 to be precise) by Roger Anunsen. Formerly an attorney, Roger’s demanding job eventually burned him out. He found a new calling as a brain health program strategist and educator.

Roger focuses on methods to prevent cognitive decline and nurture positive cognitive growth by strengthening various brain mechanisms and structures. The result is a much-improved mood, happiness and an enhanced sense of purpose.

While Roger primarily works with the elderly, his innovative cognitive intervention program is something from which everyone can benefit, no matter their age. He translates his cutting edge science into easy to understand and implement methods.

The TEDx talk is a great watch and will give you some excellent information on strategies you can apply to your own brain health. If you’re interested in finding out more about Roger and his teaching, don’t forget to visit his website at

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