Exercise Not Stimulants Is the Path to Brain Health

We know (or should know) that exercise is good for our bodies. But did you know it can also do great things for your brain? This is especially true when combines with good nutrition and hydration.

Much research has been done into this. The almost unanimous conclusion is that both our memory and problem-solving skills can much benefit from regular exercise. Our risk for developing dementia at some point in our lives is also reduced.

Exercise affects the brain on a few fronts. It increases the supply of blood (and therefore sugar). It also helps the brain create new cells in several critical parts making them more elastic and better able to respond to challenges.

Dr. Alvaro Pascual-Leone, who is a professor at the Harvard Medical Institute is one of the world’s leading neurology experts. He explains everything in greater detail in the video below.

Prescriptions, medications, nootropic supplements, and stimulants you buy online only go so far. Physical exercise is by far the best we can do for our bodies. This also includes, as it turns out, the brain.

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